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Compare the nutrition quality of food products with the Nutri-Score!

Hva er Nutri-Score?


The Nutri-Score is a logo that shows the nutritional quality of food products with A to E grades. With the NutriScore, products can be easily and quickly compared.

Open Food Facts has started computing Nutri-Score in 2014 on its pioneer mobile app and website, while it was only a research paper, and has accompanied its growth from the "5 color score" to the "Nutri-Score" you see in supermarkets today. However, the Nutri-Score is not affixed to all products and OpenFoodFacts allows you to have this information by scanning the product. Public Health France has supported OpenFoodFacts since 2018 to facilitate consumer information. For more on the history of Open Food Facts and the Nutri-Score, you can read our dedicated page.
Nutri-Score i Belgia

Nutri-Score-verdien foran på frokostblandingpakken i en Delhaize-butikk i Belgia (mai 2019)

Hvordan beregnes Nutri-Score?

The Nutri-Score is calculated from data in the nutritional declaration table which appears on the back of the packaging and composition data (fiber, fruits and vegetables, dried vegetables).

It is determined by the amount of healthy and unhealthy nutrients:

Negative points: energy, saturated fat, sugars, sodium (high levels are considered unhealthy)

Positive points: the proportion of fruits, vegetables and nuts, of olive, colza and nut oils, of fibers and proteins.

The detailed Nutri-Score formula is publicly available on the Santé publique France web site.

A Nutri-Score calculator is available at the following.

How can I see the Nutri-Score of food products?

Nutri-Score er en frivillig merkeordning. It appears on the label of food products only in some countries and for brands which commited to the score, but it is computed for all products of all countries on Open Food Facts since 2014!

You can see the Nutri-Score of food products with the Open Food Facts iPhone and Android mobile app, and on the Open Food Facts web site. If the product is not yet on Open Food Facts, you can add it in a minute by adding the nutrition facts and selecting a category, and the Nutri-Score will be computed and shown instantly.

Installer Open Food Facts-appen

NutriScore på Open Food Facts' mobilapp

Finn Nutri-score med Open Food Facts-appen!

Installer den gratis Open Food Facts-appen for å skanne matprodukter, få Nutri-Score-karakteren, NOVA-gruppen for ultraprosessert mat, allergenervarsler og for å tyde mattilsetningsstoffer!

Not on your mobile? Scan this QR code from your mobile to download the app!

QR-Code linking to https://world.openfoodfacts.org/open-food-facts-mobile-app

Du vil også enkelt kunne legge til nye produkter i Open Food Facts og bidra til å bygge et felles gode for å forbedre alles mat og helse. Tusen takk!

Hvem laget Nutri-Score?

Nutri-Score has been proposed by EREN, a French public nutrition research team, led by Professor Serge Hercberg. It is based on the nutrition score created by the Food Standards Agency in the UK.

The principle of simplified labeling on the front of packaging was officially presented for the first time in the 2013 report "Proposals for a new impetus to the French public health nutrition policy in the framework of the National Health Strategy" (pdf). In it, Professor Serge Hercberg advocates for the adoption of logo with a system of grades from A to E that would be displayed on the front of food products to allow to easily compare the nutritional quality of products.

Hvilke land har tatt i bruk Nutri-Score?

The Nutri-Score has been adopted by French public authorities in 2017, and then in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain. The Nutri-Score is optional in these countries, but a growing number of food manufacturers are displaying it on their products:

Forskningsteam i andre land, som Mexico, driver også forskning basert på Nutri-Score.

Tusen takk

UFC-Que Choisir (France), Test-Achat (Belgium), VZBV (Germany), Consumentenbond (The Netherlands), OCU (Spain), Federajca Konsumentow (Poland) and EKPIZO (Greece), members of the European Bureau of Consumer Associations (BEUC) have teamed up to ask the EU commission to make the Nutri-Score compulsory on food packagings.

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